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"To God Be the Glory" was the hymn used to open every Evening Worship Service, broadcast live on WXRI-FM, from the South Norfolk Baptist Church auditorium.


Here is "To God Be the Glory," sung on the 50th anniversary of "Songs of Praise," the oldest Christian music program broadcast on the BBC.

(Video courtesy of the BBC)

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Pastors are encouraged to read and use the sermons by Rev. Hughes in their own sermon preparation study. Pastors can use the entire sermon with title, but cannot publish it on commercial basis, which is under 2012 copyright.


"The Pastor's Pen" was a personal note written by Rev. Hughes in the weekly church paper "The Messenger."  Other pastors may use any of that material they wish, even as is, but may not publish any of those on a commercial or private basis, as they are under 2012 Copyright.


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"Crown Him with Many Crowns"
from St. David's Hall, Cardiff, Wales

This website is dedicated to the Glory of God

and to the memory of Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.,

Pastor Emeritus, South Norfolk Baptist Church,

1101 Chesapeake Avenue,  Chesapeake, Virginia

Rev. Hughes served as Pastor of South Norfolk Baptist Church, February 9, 1947--September 30, 1984.  Born in Currituck County, North Carolina, he attended Wake Forest College and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ during a revival at the Knotts Island Methodist Church, at age 12, was baptized in the Currituck Sound, and became a member of the Knotts Island Baptist Church, where the family attended.
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“Historical Sketch of SNBC, compiled by Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.”

"South Norfolk: A Demographic Study."
"Atoms from Amos" a Bible Study by Rev. Hughes.
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"Jim & Joe in College" (Previously titled "Jim & Joe at Old Dominion University"): includes information on where the brothers attended college and Joe's graduate thesis on "Pre-Pearl Harbor Intelligence." 

"Experiencing God" by Henry Blackaby: Mysticism Misleading Christians.

"Oprah's Pop Spirituality and Eastern Mysticism, Repackaged for the West": discussed by Rev. Bob DeWaay, in a 4-part video program).

As fall has turned into winter, and with school back in session, many women's groups at churches are reviving up for "Bible studies."    Many church members are familiar with the "January Bible Study" as an excellent and theologically accurate resource.  Unfortunately, many Southern Baptist Churches are not discerning in their choice of materials to use.

One of the prevalent "teachers" being promoted is Priscilla Shirer.  Rev. Hughes would not consider using any materials by this individual, and with good reason.  Consider the following information:
What Your Church Needs to Know Before Doing a Priscilla Shirer Study:
Please consider the following 'sermon' reviews which examine the false teaching of Priscilla Shirer before considering the use of her materials in a church.

Rev. Chris Rosebrough examines the false doctrine of Priscilla Shirer in the following interview:
Priscilla Shirer 'preaches' on "The Multitude" at the Church by the Glades in South Florida.....a review:
"Aspiring to Abundance" is another misreading and misrepresentation of Scripture by Priscilla Shirer:
And finally, this review of "Hearing the Voice of God" by Priscilla Shirer, should make it plain that this lady is substituting the Word of God with her own "extra-biblical revelation."
Another suspect "Bible study" is one by Henry Blackaby, called "Experiencing God."  Here are three reviews that expose the problems:



By Rev. Ken Silva, Southern Baptist Pastor, and Graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Experiencing God," by Henry Blackaby


Reviewed by:  Rev. Greg Gilbert, Senior Pastor of Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mysticism in the Church – The Contemplatives – Henry Blackaby

Full discussion and critique of "Blackaby's Experiencing God" is now on a new web page: "Experiencing God" by Henry Blackaby: Mysticism Misleading Christians.
What do we do with Beth?
(Beth Moore is another problematic teacher)

Why Your Pastor Should Say “No More to Beth Moore”

Something to ponder.........Answering the Opposition- Responses to the Most Frequently Raised Discernment Objections
Full discussion of these and other false teachers is examined on the "Spiritual Formation & Contemporary Prayer heresy" web page.