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"To God Be the Glory" was the hymn used to open every Evening Worship Service, broadcast live on WXRI-FM, from the South Norfolk Baptist Church auditorium.


Here is "To God Be the Glory," sung on the 50th anniversary of "Songs of Praise," the oldest Christian music program broadcast on the BBC.

(Video courtesy of the BBC)

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Pastors are encouraged to read and use the sermons by Rev. Hughes in their own sermon preparation study. Pastors can use the entire sermon with title, but cannot publish it on commercial basis, which is under 2012 copyright.


"The Pastor's Pen" was a personal note written by Rev. Hughes in the weekly church paper "The Messenger."  Other pastors may use any of that material they wish, even as is, but may not publish any of those on a commercial or private basis, as they are under 2012 Copyright.


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This website is dedicated to the Glory of God

and to the memory of Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.,

Pastor Emeritus, South Norfolk Baptist Church,

1101 Chesapeake Avenue,  Chesapeake, Virginia

Rev. Hughes served as Pastor of South Norfolk Baptist Church, February 9, 1947--September 30, 1984.  Born in Currituck County, North Carolina, he attended Wake Forest College and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ during a revival at the Knotts Island Methodist Church, at age 12, was baptized in the Currituck Sound, and became a member of the Knotts Island Baptist Church, where the family attended.
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In Memory of Rev. Billy Graham
(Nov. 7, 1918 -- Feb. 21, 2018)

Billy Graham
was admired by my Father as a Christian who preached the Word, "plus and minus nothing," as Dad would say.  After I entered full-time ministry, he always encouraged me to "give a Billy Graham invitation;" in other words, one that was not weak or watered down. Dad worked with him during one of his early "Youth for Christ" crusades in Portsmouth, Virginia, before becoming pastor of South Norfolk Baptist Church, and I had one occasion to meet him personally after a chapel sermon.  Every year at South Norfolk, Dad would invite the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to come and screen one of their current Christian films, at no cost to the church.  Many times we would watch Rev. Graham preach at one of his crusades on television.  I remember one occasion that, while the hymn of invitation was being sung, Mother began to cry.  She told me she was crying tears of joy at seeing so many folks come forward to accept Christ as their Saviour.  In her prayer life, she would always pray, that Dad would "have souls for his hire."  In other words, it was an old way of saying, that Dad would be used of the Holy Spirit, to lead folks to Jesus in his work for the Lord; that salary had nothing to do with his dedication to Him. I know that he never asked for a raise in all the years he was at South Norfolk Baptist.

We need more preachers today who will preach the Word without adding or subtracting from it.

(Pictures/films courtesy of the BIlly Graham Evangelistic Association).

Billy Graham in Hawaii, 1965:

Billy Graham in New York City, 1957:
Web pages Updated/Added:

"Read Family Story"  news articles: Rev. J.Leighton Read preaches in his father's church; Rev. John Jeremiah Read's Christian influence on a Spencer Academy student.  Information about the Battle of Spring Hill, TN, where Joe Read lost a leg.

"The Old South" (in the days of the Read/Wauchope families):
Lincoln's plan to remove all black slaves from the U.S. to overseas colonies; Native Americans in Indian Territory (Oklahoma) who owned black slaves; How the North profited from slavery.

"Wauchope Family Story" (now includes Spengler-Wauchope-Read family connections). 
    Also: Information on the Wauchope family from "The Peerage: A Genealogical Survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the Royal Families of Europe." Includes information on distinguished Rutherford ministers; and miscellaneous additional information reference the Wauchopes of Capon Bridge, WVA, and other Walkup's related to Joseph Walker Wauchope. Also: Confederate Muster Rolls for Rockbridge County, VA listing Walkup (Wauchope) family members.  Page also includes:

Wauchope and Rutherford family tree information:
(Key to understanding the connection between the Wauchope, Rutherford, and Kendrick families). 
(Mrs. John Leighton Read's middle name was Rutherford: Katharine Rutherford Wauchope).

     Also, at the bottom that web page:

Session Minutes covering the ministry of Rev. William C. Wauchope, Rev. Roe Wauchope, Rev. J.H. Baxter, Rev. H.A.Vanderwank, and Rev. J. Leighton Read, at the Columbia Memorial Presbyterian Church,

Colony, Oklahoma.  {Includes listing of Wauchope/Read children baptism(s).}

"Early Sermons from South Norfolk"

"Understanding Baptist History:
Martin Luther and the Reformation" (information about the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation) 

"Memorial Plaques in SNBC" (Memorial Plaques given in memory of Members and Friends of South Norfolk Baptist Church)

"History of the South Norfolk Baptist Church" by the Reverend Doctor H. Edgar Twine" 
(The earliest history known to have been written, from the beginning of the church through the mid-1950s and the pastorate of Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.; a manuscript that pre-dates a book written by Dr. William L. Lumpkin on the history of the church.)