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Google, Twitter, and Facebook are now censoring the news.
"To God Be the Glory" was the hymn used to open every Evening Worship Service, broadcast live on WXRI-FM, from the South Norfolk Baptist Church auditorium.


Here is "To God Be the Glory," sung on the 50th anniversary of "Songs of Praise," the oldest Christian music program broadcast on the BBC.

(Video courtesy of the BBC)

("Chaplain Hughes Products" is a restricted site for military Chaplains only. They may contact him with their .mil email via his email for permission to use the material.)

Pastors are encouraged to read and use the sermons by Rev. Hughes in their own sermon preparation study. Pastors can use the entire sermon with title, but cannot publish it on commercial basis, which is under 2012 copyright.


"The Pastor's Pen" was a personal note written by Rev. Hughes in the weekly church paper "The Messenger."  Other pastors may use any of that material they wish, even as is, but may not publish any of those on a commercial or private basis, as they are under 2012 Copyright.


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"Crown Him with Many Crowns"
from St. David's Hall, Cardiff, Wales

From Moody Church, in downtown Chicago.....


The Choir sings "He will keep Thee in Perfect Peace."

The Congregation sings "Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah."

This website is dedicated to the Glory of God

and to the memory of Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.,

Pastor Emeritus, South Norfolk Baptist Church,

1101 Chesapeake Avenue,  Chesapeake, Virginia

Rev. Hughes served as Pastor of South Norfolk Baptist Church, February 9, 1947--September 30, 1984.  Born in Currituck County, North Carolina, he attended Wake Forest College and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ during a revival at the Knotts Island Methodist Church, at age 12, was baptized in the Currituck Sound, and became a member of the Knotts Island Baptist Church, where the family attended.
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During these days of uncertainty, with the outbreak of the coronovirus, we offer the following words and music of inspiration and assurance.
We encourage all Christians to Pray and read their Bible daily.

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."  (2 Timothy 7:1)
Two Sermons by Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.:
"Living on Top of Trouble" and
"How to Handle Your Fear."
Chauncey German, sings, "My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me." (Recorded at South Norfolk Baptist Church).

Chauncey German
former Choir Director,
South Norfolk Baptist Church
For those unable to attend Sunday Worship,
we suggest watching the "livestream" from 
First Baptist Church,
San Antonio, Texas:

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Please remember that the Lord’s work through the church needs to continue with our Tithes and Offerings, even when we are not able to attend in person.  Consider mailing a check to your church, or use your church website to donate online, if available.

From the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, is this timely message on Hope for America:
George Washington is seen in this famous painting, praying at Valley Forge, for God's help during the Revolutionary War:
During the Great Depression,
President Roosevelt, asked everyone to Pray:
A prayer by
President Dwight D. Eisenhower
at his second inaugural:
Dr. Pat Robertson, a friend of our family,
has also issued a call for Christians to pray:

Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr., after his retirement, served as Interim Pastor at Northwest Baptist Church, Chesapeake, Virginia.  One of his sermons, "Requisite for the President" (2 Chronicles 1:7-10) recorded on video, is applicable for today as it was when originally preached.  The honesty and integrity of a president is a biblical mandate, and key to their success.

You can watch this You tube video by clicking on the following link:

Or, you can watch on the following Video link:

Newly Updated Webpage:
"The Old South"
with antebellum political and cultural information about the Read/Wauchope families in the context of then, and in
the 21st Century.
John Read's Christian honesty and integrity in the 1800s serve as important guideposts for us today. 
My brother Jim and I grew up in a Christian home; were taught the Bible; taught to tell the truth; taught to confess sin and seek forgiveness; sought to live our lives in view of that background.  In addition, our school teachers believed in the basic freedoms of our country and were diligent in passing on those values to us in the classroom. 

News from the oldest, continuously published newspaper founded by Alexander Hamilton, is being censored.  Due to the censorship of truthful news in the United States; in a blatant attempt to stifle freedom of the press, I have taken the unusual step of putting out these films from overseas news organizations which are reporting the truth, courtesy of SkyNews, Australia. 

The censorship of documents, witness testimony, and truthful reporting on the current election is ongoing.  We grew up in a time when you could depend on accurate news reporting; but that is becoming a thing of the past.
Biden family now under FBI investigation:
The "Rigged" Town Halls With Already Decided Biden Voters:
The final presidential debate: 32 Lies in 96 Minutes:

We Need to Talk about Joe Biden

Pennsylvania Boilermakers Call Out Joe Biden for Lying About Their Endorsement

ABC News report:
C-SPAN and CNN News reports:
Have you ever "Googled" any of the above stories; especially 'Biden' 'emails' and come up empty?  I wondered about this soon after the NY Post broke the story. This interview will explain why one of the leading search engines is censoring what you search: