"The Church as a Community"
There is a connection between Peter Drucker, Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, and other major "Seeker Sensitive" players.

The resultant false theology of "the church as a community" has emerged, and is espoused by David Slayton, resigned from South Norfolk Baptist, in April 2017.  It was evident in almost all of his sermons either by innuendo, or outright statement; and is front and center in the church's mission statement:
"Welcome to South Norfolk Baptist Church 
we seek to be a community....."
Does your church refer to itself as a "community" or a "community of small groups"?  Have you ever wondered exactly what that means?   If you've ever noticed that your church leadership speaks more about the "community" than about the individual, then you may want to listen to this lecture.

Rev. Rosebrough unpacks the worldview of Peter Drucker, a man whose influence on the church was overwhelming, though few Christians are aware of it. The truths presented in this lecture will help to explain the nature of the "seeker driven" movement, and reveal its goals and motivations.

One final note: Rosebrough begins his teaching with a brief, but necessary overview of some key points and people in history. Even if you are not a "history person," do not allow yourself to tune out for this portion. What is taught in these first few minutes will provide a crucial foundation for what is revealed later in the lecture.
Rev. Chris Roseborugh's lecture "Resistance is Futile...You Will be Assimilated into the Community" lays out this heresy clearly and concisely:
Copy of slides used in presentation: