Exposing The Cult-Like Hostile Takeover Tactics of the Purpose-Driven Church Transitioning Seminar

Below is a Special Edition of the “Fighting for the Faith” radio program that exposes the Cult-Like Hostile Takeover Tactics of Dan Southerland's Purpose-Driven Church Transtioning Seminar.

The list of cult-like tactics employed by Southerland is LONG. They include:

1. Flat out lies and manipulative double speak
2. Blatant Scripture Twisting
3. New & Direct Extra Biblical Revelation and Visions from God
4. Flat out intolerance for anyone who questions or challenges these "new" Extra Biblical Revelations and Visions that are supposedly from God.

All of these cult-like tactics are exposed and discussed in this special edition of F4F. Furthermore, I cannot emphasize enough the fact that Dan Southerland's Church Transitions company has been the "go to" company used by Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven businesses to train pastors into Warren's Druckerite leadership methodologies.

This is an episode of Fighting for the Faith from 2010, when Rev. Chris Rosebrough put together several segments into one program specifically addressing the takeover tactics coming from "church growth expert," Dan Southerland. He is a huge evangelical Purpose-Driven growth "guru" who says some truly scary and un-biblical things. This guy is a manipulative Bible-twister; and he sounds like a cross between a used-car salesman and a smooth-talking CEO who convinces his employees why it's good to export their jobs to Mexico. His most notorious remark is when he tells pastors that the they must "shoot the wolves. Kill 'em." Southerland is not talking about false teachers in the church! He's referring to members of the church who point out un-Biblical teachings coming from their pastors.

If you've ever been shot down in church because you questioned the weird new teachings coming from your Purpose Driven pastor, you'll recognize the sneaky, slimy and cult-like tactics taught by this guy.

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