Rev. Frank Hughes, Jr.
Worship in the 21st Century
Part 3
So, the question may be in some minds, "Is it possible to worship with both traditional and contemporary and stay grounded in the Word of God?" 

I recently came across an archived radio/TV program produced by the BBC some years ago, which may provide the answer.  "Songs of Praise" is still the standard British Sunday program which originates from a different church each week.  I was surprised to come across the following example from Malmesbury Abbey....yes, you heard correctly, a church that was built over 1,300 years ago, and is the burial site of the first King of England, among other "first's" but, as you will see, the host for the program will explain all that.

But what interested me the most, is that the worship service (and they have traditional as well as contemporary) could have been conducted in a Baptist church. The hymns you will hear have been sung in many Southern Baptist Churches.  And they have a baptismal pool just outside the main door where they hold Baptism services.

You will hear extraordinary personal testimonies of some who have accepted Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord.  The church has a Bible distribution program, a puppet ministry, an encounter group for those who desire prayer for illness.